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How to use the wood cosmetics pencil

First check the pencils lead when you pluck the cap.
if short, please make them appropriately with longain cosmetics sharpener.
Now you can use them to beauty your brow, eye or lip.
The makeup appearance are more exquisite with the accessory applicator.
Please cover closely after apply.

Care: when make Nail white pencil apply, need to dip in water.

How to use the auto-matic cosmetics pencil

Open the cap. then Rotate the barrel slowly and expose one eighth of an inch(pencil does not retract to avoid exposing formular to air, which is drying).

Line eyes or lip. Recap securely after using to protect the formula. Can be used alone or over eye shadow. Romove with Take Day Off Makeup Remover For Lids, Lashes amd Lips.

How to use the cosmetics pencil sharpener


Insert the pencil into the appropriate size opening and gently turn to sharpen. To accommodate extra large pencils and cosmetic crayons, remove plug from large opening. Omsert and sharpen.

Care: lift top cover.slide out special cleaning stick and gently remove shavings and residue around the blazes. Open to remove any additonal shavings.


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